The VOCES8 Foundation asked Professor Sue Hallam to evaluate four of its Young Leader Programmes.

The foundation’s Young Leader Programme supports secondary school pupils aged 11 to 19 in learning how to lead a workshop that includes warm-ups, the VOCES8 Method and teaching songs to primary school children.

Our team helps the participants develop their leadership and teamwork skills as well as their confidence and musical skills.

The results of the evaluation were overwhelming positive:

  • 97% indicated that the training was successful in helping them to become a music leader.

  • 94% indicated that the project helped build their confidence.

  • 98% that it had helped to develop their leadership skills.

  • 96% that they enjoyed leading the workshop in the primary school

  • 92% that the impact on leadership and teamwork skills would continue after the project.

The Young Leaders reported that the programme had:

  • enhanced the range and quality of their musical and performance skills;

  • improved their confidence, communication and leadership skills;

  • positively enhanced their musical aspirations with some indicating that they might pursue a musical or teaching career; and

  • increased the likelihood that in the long-term they would engage in more singing and a cappella activities.

Apollo5 working with students in Boston Parish Church, U.K.

Apollo5 working with students in Boston Parish Church, U.K.

Professor Susan Hallam

Dr. Susan Hallam MBE is Emerita Professor of Education and Music Psychology at the UCL Institute of Education.

She is the author of numerous books on education and has also published several books in relation to music education and music psychology including  The Power of Music; Music Psychology in Education; and The impact of actively making music on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people: A research synthesis.

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