The VOCES8 Method

‘The VOCES8 Method’, is an innovative resource for teachers which encourages whole school music making in a way that links music with literacy, numeracy and linguistics. Written by Paul Smith in response to a research paper from the Institute of Education, The VOCES8 Method exists to have a positive impact on how students learn through music. It helps better prepare students for their school day and develop key learning skills which will have a conscious and sub-conscious effect on their academic learning process.

Watch our CEO Paul Smith giving a VOCES8 Method Session at our home the VOCES8 Centre, streamed live on Facebook on 11 February 2019.

Using the VOCES8 Method also leads to additional benefits in the areas of physical and mental health; self-awareness; confidence; teamwork; problem solving, and creative thinking.

The VOCES8 Method is published by Edition Peters and has been translated into French, German and Japanese. It has been featured in industry magazines and national press in the UK and the USA, and has also been the topic of a TEDx talk. The Method is now being used in thousands of schools in nine different countries around the world.  

Purchase a copy of the VOCES8 Method book here.

Videos demonstrating how to lead the VOCES8 Method. 

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