Here are some resources to view and download :

VOCES8 Method parts 1 and 2

Paul introduces parts one and two of the VOCES8 Method, with members of VOCES8, Apollo5 and the VOCES8 Scholars.

tuning a chord

Barney demonstrates an exercise to help choirs tune and balance chords.


‘Grace’ by Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma, performed live at the Gresham Centre by VOCES8, Eastern Mennonite High School Touring Choir, and the choir of Hackney City Academy.

Creative response to Baiskeli

A teaching video featuring members of VOCES8, Apollo5 and the VOCES8 Scholars, showing a 'creative response' to the Friday Afternoon song, Baiskeli. In this example, the newly created song is led and arranged by Paul Smith.

'Music on the waters' creative response by Paul Smith

This video demonstrates a creative response to 'Music on the waters', by Jonathan Dove. With members of VOCES8, Apollo5 and the VOCES8 Scholars, Paul Smith demonstrates different elements of the song before the group create music together. The sheet music for the original score is available on the Friday Afternoons Project website, commissioned by Aldeburgh Music. Teachers Notes will be available below in the coming weeks

Education Day

Watch a live streamed VOCES8 Method training session from our Education Day held at the Gresham Centre on 11 February 2019.