As a leading small music charity in a climate in which funding for music education is under increasing pressure, the VOCES8 Foundation depends on the generosity of our Friends to help us achieve our ambitious goals to inspire communities across the world through music. We receive no regular public funding and contributions from our Friends make a vital difference to our programme of much needed activity.

To discuss any aspect of our supporter programmes, please contact [email protected]


By supporting the VOCES8 Foundation, you are helping VOCES8 and Apollo5 bring performance excellence to over 100,000 people in live concerts each year, as well as contributing to our continued efforts to work with and improve the lives of young people all over the globe. Both nationally and internationally, we are working across a wide range of ability levels providing much needed sustainable support for school students, teachers and aspiring young professionals.

Our Friends helping to ensure thousands can enjoy singing across the globe

Our Friends play an essential role in supporting the work of the VOCES8 Foundation. They help us grow, reach new audiences and explore innovative projects. We offer several levels of Friendship, with differing ranges of benefits designed to bring you closer to the group:

Friend £50 (£30 for Under 30s) 

  • Two exclusive audio tracks per season 

  • Priority booking for VOCES8 Foundation promoted concerts & Summer Schools 

  • Regular updates on tours, events, CDs and activities 

Supporter £100 

As Friend level and additionally... 

  • Personal mention on marketing materials 

  • The opportunity to purchase signed copies of future CD releases 

  • Invitations to Apollo5 open rehearsals & Paul Smith masterclasses 

  • Additional exclusive audio tracks throughout the year 

Aficionado £250

As Supporter level and additionally... 

  • Invitations to pre-concert receptions with VOCES8 Foundation ensembles 

  • Complimentary ticket for the Annual VOCES8 Friends Concert 

  • Invitations to VOCES8 open rehearsals

  • Invitations to Education workshops for all ensembles 

Cognoscente £500

As Aficionado level and additionally... 

  • Complimentary ticket and reserved seat for additional VOCES8 Foundation promoted concerts 

  • Invitations to exclusive closed VOCES8 Foundation events such as album recordings and CD launch parties


The VCM100 offers the opportunity to invest in our future and to hear our plans at closest quarter as they come to fruition. Together we can celebrate and nurture our efforts to increase the access to high quality music for everyone.

UK taxpayers can make their donation more valuable to us by downloading and completing a Gift Aid form.

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